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How do you pray?  When?  Is there a special place where you pray in your home?  Or a special place outside where you can be alone with God- a desert place?  Is your prayer mainly giving thanks or seeking God's intervention? Is there someone you would like to pray with- why not ask them to pray with you this week?  Why not spend this week reflecting on your prayer life and renew your request to God to help you to pray.
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Prayers for our local area this week
As we enter this time of vacancy in our benefice help each of us to remember that you have a plan for all of us.
Give wisdom to all who will be involved in making decisions about who might be our next Rector,

Be with our Methodist and URC friends and colleagues.
Guide and inspire the Shaping for Mission process, leading the team as they meet to share wisdom and prayerfully discern a united vision for mission in our deanery. 
Enfold all involved with local schools and nurseries in your protective care.
those making decisions about future sources of energy and how the economic recovery will sustain our world.
Sustain local businesses, opening their imaginations to new possibilities and their hearts to the wonder of your love.
In a moment of silence Lord, we offer thoughts and prayers for those people and places God places on our hearts. 

More resources to help with Prayer

Here are two websites with ideas and resources to help you to pray.

Thy Kingdom Come

24/7 Prayer

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