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“God is light; In him there is no darkness at all”  

[1 John 1:5]

Welcome to

St. John's Church, Maesbury

Churchwarden: Graeme Ross
Telephone: 01691 680302

About St John the Baptist Maesbury

St John's Church is an iconic 'tin tabernacle' church building situated in the village of Maesbury which, together with closely adjoined areas of Maesbury Marsh, Gwern-Y-Brenin and Newbridge, has a population of approximately 600. The church building was purchased from Harrods in 1906 and erected by local people. It is located 3 miles from the market town of Oswestry.

The Parish of Maesbury ‘joined’ the Benefice in 2011 when the Non-Stipendiary Priest in Charge retired and it was duly incorporated by agreement in 2015 as the Parish of Maesbury.

Maesbury Church has for the past 18 years supported CMS and Kiwoko Hospital in North Uganda. Over the years a CMS representative working at Kiwoko Hospital, (currently the Head of Obstetrics & Women’s Health), sends a quarterly update of developments there. We have been lucky enough to have the occasional visit and talk to the congregation.

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