September Message

Revd. Chris

SEP. 1, 2021

What are you most thanful for ?

Pandemic Time Capsule

What is it that has got you through this pandemic? It may be a group of friends, a particular place, an object, a book. You may want to write a little message to a future recipient? If it’s too big to go in a time capsule, then please take a photo and deliver it to the box- labelled Time Capsule- inside Kinnerley Church. By the end of September responses will be sealed into a pandemic time capsule which will be stored in the church tower for future generations.

Greetings from your Rector

What are you most thankful for?

As a new academic year begins this truly begins to feel like a fresh start for all of us. On the 5th September we have our Picnic in the Park at Kinnerley and then on the 19th and 26thwe have Harvest Services in our churches.

It is easy to blame God for when things go wrong, or when we lose those we love. Much harder is to pause and recognise the role God plays in our lives when things are going well. Stopping and giving thanks for God’s provision in our lives.

Throughout this pandemic we have lived in one of the safest places in the UK. Something I, with a young family, am extremely grateful for. As we head away from summer into the beauty of Autumn and the fresh cold of Winter an attitude of thankfulness will keep our spirits high as the dark nights draw in.

Our church buildings are fully open now, with the joyful celebration of three weddings and baptisms galore. We will also be restarting Supaclub- be ready for a new day, a new name and a new location…

What am I most thankful for? Community. The way the pandemic has drawn people together and reminded everyone that relationships and gathering together are the most important things. Jesus told us to love God and love our neighbour. Simple advice that when followed makes life all the richer for all of us.


Revd Chris