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September Message

Revd. Chris

SEP. 1, 2022

Everyone Welcome

Everyone Welcome

The recent headlines surrounding the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion have sadly painted a particular picture of the Church of England that I would like to refute. Sadly the headlines are what stick in peoples’ minds, and the nuanced and far-reaching discussions behind those headlines are lost; as is the progress made to make the church a more open and accessible church to all.

Many of your local churches state Everyone Welcome on the noticeboards. If we stand in front of those noticeboards, as looking in a mirror, it pains me that this glib statement reflects not the current reality, but a future state when we will be able to marry and bless all couples regardless of their gender or sexuality. At present the stance of the national Church means that your local clergy and church families try to love everyone and welcome them equally, but until the law changes we have to say “no” more often than we would like.

Before the Lambeth Conference made the headlines, a national programme has been in progress within the Church of England.  Called Living in Love and Faith, it is exploring the lives and stories of the LGBTQI+ community and reflecting on the changes that need to be made to ensure that truly, Everyone is Welcome.

We are all made in the image of God, and love and its expression in loving relationships in all their forms should be celebrated.

As a new academic year begins in our local schools and colleges, I pray for them and for the day when truly Everyone is Welcome in our churches.

Until that time comes, I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and to openly celebrate LGBTQI+ and all relationships within our communities as much as I am currently able to.

With love and blessings

Revd Chris

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