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Repairs to St Mary's Knockin

Brian Turner

JUN. 1, 2022

Work will be starting soon in Knockin to repair the church

Many of you will recall that in 2015 we launched an appeal to raise money to pay for various repairs that were needed at St Mary’s Church in Knockin. The total cost of all the necessary works was going to be in excess of £50,000. Now seven years later after various fund raising events and many generous donations from members of our community we have managed to raise just over £20,000 and we have also managed to obtain a few additional grants that can be put towards the cost of repairs. So we are in now in a position to embark on the first phase of the building works which will involve repairs to the stonework on the outside of the building. We hope that the work will begin quite soon now and you will no doubt be aware of scaffolding going up on parts of the church in the coming weeks. Please take care if you’re walking through the church yard whilst these repairs are underway. Our grateful thanks to all in our community who have helped us to enable these repairs to take place. This of course is just phase one and we shall need to continue to raise funds to enable phase two to take place in due course.

Brian J Turner


St Mary’s, Knockin

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