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October Message

Revd Chris

OCT. 1, 2022

Proud to be British

Proud to be British

The sudden events of the 8th September saddened not just our nation. The Commonwealth and the entire world have been devastated by the death of her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s exemplary service to us all, spanning more than seven decades, is unsurpassed. She truly was one of a kind. Most of all our dear Queen and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England was perhaps its greatest evangelist, consistently proclaiming the gospel and inviting us all to participate in it.

Only two days later we were privileged to never before seen footage of the inner workings that underpin our monarchy. A new King was proclaimed with such dignity and precision as the raw grief of King Charles III, so clearly on display, was tempered by a steely resolve and a desire to serve reminiscent of his dear mother.

The end of September and beginning of October is a time when we typically celebrate Harvest in our churches. Those celebrations will be somewhat muted by the loss of a Queen who has guided our church so faithfully. The Queen’s humble service and graceful humility made her the glue that grew the Commonwealth. She always recognised and acknowledged God, something which began at her Coronation when she went straight past the throne and knelt at the High Altar.

King Charles III stressed the importance of his faith in his words that were aired to St Paul’s Cathedral and the nation back on the 9thSeptember. His beloved Mother made us all proud to be British, and made those of us who are Christian proud that the prayer we sang so often, God Save the Queen, was so faithfully answered. As we enter a new era of singing God Save the King, may God’s response to that prayer guide and sustain King Charles III as he leads our church and our nations.

Rev Chris

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