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November Message

Revd. Chris

NOV. 1, 2023

The act of Re-membering

Greetings from the Rector,

The act of remembering someone or something is the act of bringing that person or event back into our present moment. It is an act of re-membering, a conscious movement from obscurity and isolation into community and wellbeing.

To re-member the people of our community is something vital for us to do. On Tuesday November 7th at 7pm, there will be a special Memorial Service at St John’s Maesbrook. At this service we will light candles and read out the names of loved ones who are no longer with us. If you would like to attend this service, and if you would like a loved one’s name re-membered and read out during the service, it will be good to have you with us.

In November we also remember the people in our villages who served, and those who still serve, in our Armed Forces. On Saturday November 11th, beginning at 10:45am, there will be an Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph at St Mary’s Church, Kinnerley.  Remembrance Sunday the following day will see the usual services at our five Anglican churches and village cenotaphs.

As you have read this, a particular person in your street, or in your village, might have popped into your head. Perhaps someone you haven’t seen for a while? Can I encourage you to follow that instinct, to go and see if they are okay. By re-membering people, we keep our communities flourishing.

Our memories are not perfect, but God’s memory is. If you are reading this and feel like you have been forgotten, please know in your heart that God remembers you and loves you.  As a united benefice we are beginning the process of Becoming Dementia Friendly Churches. The capital B in becoming is deliberate because it is a journey of gradual improvement, not a tick-box exercise. This is one of many important small steps we are taking as we re-member our communities together.

God bless you all.

Revd Chris

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