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News from our School's Christian Worker ... Jane Webber

Jane Webber

  MAY 25, 2024

Outreach to our local schools in the surrounding area

Dear Supporters

                Thank you for your continued prayers for our local schools,  staff and pupils. Your support makes a huge difference to so many young  people in our area. Exam season is well underway and we need to continue  to pray for all involved in these exams. Pray for the pupils,  especially those who are anxious within an exam environment. Pray for  parents and carers as they support and encourage those taking the exams.  Also pray for teachers as they wait for the results of their hard work  in preparing their pupils.

What's Happening in June
  • It's  Your Move workshops start in June. It's Your Move is a Scripture Union  book and workshop that encourages year 6 pupils to make a positive  transition to secondary school. It enables them to discuss the things  that make them anxious about moving school, as well as exploring the  positives and how they can make the best of their first few weeks. Many  pupils find the It's Your move books really helpful in preparing them  for what to expect when they start secondary school.

  • Christian  Unions at the Marches, Moreton Hall and Lakelands will continue this  month. The new group at Lakelands started well with 14 pupils attending  the first session. Please continue to pray for these sessions,  especially for the young people who attend with their Christian friends,  but are not yet Christians themselves.

  • Assemblies this month will focus on themes such as perseverance, truthfulness, freedom and thankfulness.

  • RE  lessons this month will focus on themes such as creation, and how  Christians act on their beliefs. Pray for those young people who will  ask questions about the Christian faith.

Thank you for your continued support of the project.



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