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News from Maesbrook

Wendy Gough

JAN. 1, 2024

Five Church Trail Booklets

A visitor's Guide to St John's, Maesbrook

If you live in Maesbrook, you will have found a copy of a new guidebook to St John's enclosed with this month's Telescope. Thanks to Heritage Fund sponsorship and a lot of hard work by a lot of people, our five churches are now part of the Five Church Trail. There are other booklets – a Church Detective booklet, Walking Routes, and Cycling and Driving Routes, and you will be getting copies of those in the next few months.

Don't feel hard done by if you don't live in Maesbrook – your local church will have their own booklets freely available, so why not pop in and pick them up? Take your smartphone with you, and you can access some media content as well. And there are “pilgrim's badges” for each church too.

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