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Melverley News

Sue Gittins

JUN. 1, 2022

Bishop's Pilgrimage arrives in Melverely

Melverley church plant sale

Saturday 7th May dawned bright and beautiful. I had an hour to myself at the church completing final preparations for the plant sale. It was a calm, warm morning looking across the river Vrynwy and onwards to Rodney’s pillar.

By 9.30 am many people had come to bring their plants to sell, some were ready to buy and the coffee was on. Within an hour the roads surrounding the church were packed with cars, people were buying and still donating, coffee and cake was served and the raffle was in full swing. By 11am everyone was sitting on the church walls chatting to friends and neighbours.

As well as raising much needed funds for this historic church the event brought people together from the wider community.  Thank you to all who donated plants and cakes and came to support the church. A very successful day. I now have my greenhouse back for my own plants!

The Bishop of Shrewsbury’s pilgrimage makes it to Melverley

The Bishop of Shrewsbury, Sarah, is walking from Holywell to Shrewsbury Abbey as part of her pilgrimage walk following St Winefride’s way. I have managed to accompany the group on two sections of the walk: Llandegla to Llangollen and Maesbury to Melverley. I hope to join the group again before they reach Shrewsbury Abbey. Photograph shows Sarah, Revd Chris and group as they leave Melverley church on a very wet Wednesday morning to walk to Shrawardine.

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