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May Message

Revd. Chris

MAY 1, 2022

We celebrate Easter for 50 days

Easter greetings from your Rector.

The season of Easter, which began with Easter Sunday on 17thApril, continues throughout May and concludes with Pentecost on 5th June. Forty days into those fifty days of Easter we have Ascension Day, when we remember and celebrate Jesus’ return to sit at the right hand of his Father. It can be difficult for us to comprehend in our modern rational age, but this simple act means that humanity now literally sits at the right hand of God. Jesus is fully human and fully divine, he is both man and God, and hence has restored the relationship of humankind with God their Creator.

The fifty days of Easter are a time of great joy and celebration, of feasting and indulgence after the discipline of Lent. It can feel difficult to celebrate. With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, so many suffering from Covid in our villages and the loss of beloved members of our communities, we are constantly reminded of our human frailty. Yet the season of Easter reminds us that God entered into that frailty, restored and reclaimed it, and in doing so changed the world.

We all encounter God in different ways. Some of us encounter God when things go really well and we offer prayers of thanks. Others encounter God when they are at rock bottom and their prayers are the only thing keeping them going. Some people need to go to church to pray, others find God in nature or in a special place at home.

The Easter season marks the beginning of Bishop Sarah’s pilgrimage from Holywell to Shrewsbury. During May she will be walking through our villages, visiting our churches, celebrating what we are doing and helping those who connect with God through the lives of the past saints to find God in the journey.

However you meet with God in your daily live, I pray you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter season.

Revd Chris

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