March Message

Revd. Chris

MAR. 1, 2022

Our Lentern Journey

Greetings from your Rector, a Lenten Journey…

As we enter the month of March we begin the season of Lent. The pancakes and feasting of Shrove Tuesday, and the joy and celebration of those festivities, making way for the prayer and fasting of the forty days of Lent which begins with 10am and 7:30pm services on Ash Wednesday, 2ndMarch. It is during these forty days, not including Sundays, that our focus truly turns, from the miracle of the incarnation of Christmas, towards our forgiveness and redemption as Jesus dies on the cross and is resurrected.

During our lives we pick up habits that we use to support us from day to day. Some of these habits are healthy and life giving, others perhaps not so much. The temptation of fats, sugars and social media likes are often too much for us. Lent is a chance to refocus on the only true centre of our lives- our relationship with God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. An opportunity to stop bad habits and restart new ones, to stop seeking empty meaning in career/hobbies and instead find it in worshipping our Creator.

The traditional disciplines of prayer and fasting refocus us on God by removing the emotional dependency we tend to attach to food, and by reducing the distractions we place in the way of our relationship with God by recommitting to prayer habits that connect and sustain us. I wonder whether the ancient wisdom of religious practices understood brain chemistry better than we give them credit for.

Lent is so often a time when people give something up- chocolate, social media… and if you are using these as a quick fix instead of getting to the root of what is truly preventing you from flourishing, then there is some merit in reducing your dependency on them.

What can be far more beneficial though, is using the season of Lent to start doing something you’ve been meaning to do. Forty days to commit to one random act of kindness per day; to read one chapter of the Bible per day; or perhaps to not eat past 8pm, then not eat until breakfast enabling yourself to fast without trying too hard.

Jesus’ ministry began with forty days in the wilderness- listening to the Holy Spirit and honing the spiritual practices that sustained him in the trials and tribulations to come. During this season of Lent I wonder what God will say to you, what you will learn about yourself and God, and where your journey will take you?

Yours in Christ

Revd Chris