March Message

Revd. Chris

MAR. 1, 2021

Still in lockdown ... now in Lent ... 

Greetings from your Rector, Who would have thought back in March 2020 that the March 2021 Telescope would be published during the same pandemic that began twelve months ago? The anniversary of the pandemic falls during the Christian season of Lent, and in so many ways that is fitting. Lent is our annual reminder of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. During this pandemic we have been stretched to breaking point by stress in some cases, and boredom in others. We have found ourselves learning new skills and embracing new technologies and giving up so much of what we took for granted for so long. The season of Lent lasts for forty consecutive days, not including Sundays. For us seasoned lockdown warriors, forty days now doesn’t seem long at all. Lockdown has changed us all in ways that we need to reflect on. Lent is a good time for us to do that. People yearn to rush back to normal. That would be a mistake, a mistake that wastes the twelve months we have just endured. As Edith Eger reminds us in her wonderful novel, we always have a choice. During this Lent choose to embrace the emergence of spring in our beautiful villages, choose to give up lamenting the things the pandemic has taken away, and instead set your sights on God and the abundance all around us. The time when we can hug again will come, and that will be a day that will be etched in our hearts for ever. Until that day, remember that Jesus wants to be with us so much he was prepared to die on a cross rather than leave us. Spending five minutes a day contemplating that might just be the best forty days of your life… Yours in Christ. Revd. Chris

All five churches in our benefice are committed to Safeguarding and have adopted the

National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies.

Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Graeme Ross and he can be contacted as follows:

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