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Lanterns of Hope and other news

Revd. Chris

OCT. 30, 2021

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Lanterns of hope

After last year’s fantastic response, can we again encourage you, if you are decorating a pumpkin this year, to carve a heart or a cross into it?  Then place a battery tealight into it, pop it onto the wall/by the fence of your nearest churchyard by Sunday 31st October, and bring the light of hope to your friends and neighbours.  Thank you.

All Saints Day

There will be a special service at St Mary’s Kinnerley on Monday 1st November at 6pm as we light candles in memory of those we have known and loved who are no longer with us.

Remembrance Sunday Service

This year’s Remembrance Sunday service will take place at 10am on Sunday 14thNovember at Kinnerley, with events at 11am at Knockin and 6pm at Melverley. At Kinnerley we are hopeful our local uniform groups will be able to join us for the service in the church and the two-minute silence at the cenotaph in as normal a manner as possible.

Save the Date!

Kinnerley Scarecrow Festival May Bank Holiday Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May

Christmas Tree Festival 3-5th December- calling local groups!!!

Kinnerley Church invite local groups to showcase their creativity by decorating their own Christmas Trees and installing them in the Church. The decorated trees will be on display to the villages during the first weekend of December. Visitors will be able to vote for their favourite tree and enjoy tea/coffee and cakes. Trees need to be a maximum of six foot high and can be made of any material, so woodwork, plankage, quilting and edible trees are all welcome. What ideas will your group come up with? Please ring Revd Chris 01691 682351 or Sara 01691 682819 to reserve a space for your tree.

Pilgrimage Grant awarded

Our local churches are delighted to celebrate the awarding of grant funding for the Small Rural Church Trail project. A huge thank you to all who provided letters of support. Please see the enclosed press release for further details.

This month’s greetings from the Rector:

As the clocks go back and the dark nights draw in the lights in our life become ever more important. We take light for granted these days, flicking a switch and being taken from darkness into light. Even with the instant light that shines in our lives there are areas of darkness that only the light of Jesus can reach. The things we cannot forgive ourselves for, the things other people cannot forgive us for.

November sees the end of one church year, and the beginning of the next as we celebrate Christ the King and then enter a new year with the Season of Advent.  God offers us a fresh beginning, where our sins are forgiven and the burdens we carry are taken from us. As we bask in more and more artificial light in the winter months, perhaps as you turn on a light you might pause to give thanks for the one true light, and feel the weight on your shoulders ease a little as you do so.

With every blessing

Revd Chris

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