June Message

Revd Chris

JUN. 1, 2021

What does the future hold ??

Greetings from your Rector,

As I write this we are just about to hit 17th May and an easing of restrictions for many of our local businesses, but sadly not our churches. Despite many in our local communities receiving both doses of the vaccine, the increasing cases of the Indian variant threaten the 21st June that we were looking forward to with such hope. Showing us once again that in these pandemic times we simply do not know what the future holds…

This uncertainty over the future places us firmly with the disciples as, frightened and afraid after Jesus had ascended to the Father, they huddled together awaiting the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully we know how that panned out, with the Holy Spirit coming and enabling the church- an event we celebrated on Pentecost Sunday.

Our churches now enter the season known as Ordinary Time, which in this pandemic era raises the question of whether our lives will ever be ordinary again???

When the pandemic first began in March 2020, people talked about getting back to normal, a phrase that continues even into 2021. The thing is, too much has happened and too much time has passed for things to return to how they were. We have lost members of our communities and our families. Dear friends, neighbours and loved ones we shall see no longer.

Our local churches have been separated from their church buildings for so long that we will never return to normal, our lives as worshipping communities have been irreversibly transformed by this pandemic.

If 21st June is delayed, please do not despair. During this season which is anything but ordinary, hold firm to the faith which sustains us, and the Spirit who guides us, and continue to support one another with an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving for the beautiful places in which we live.

Yours in Christ

Revd Chris