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June Message

Revd. Chris

JUN. 1, 2023

Living one day at a time

Living one day at a time…

Hello again.

The last few weeks have been filled with celebration as our villages marked the occasion of King Charles III’s coronation with school dances, street parties, cricket matches and village hall get togethers. Over the course of the weekend the weather was kinder to some than others, yet there was joy on every occasion.

As villages, and as a nation, we do these events well, perhaps better than any other nation. In London the many branches of the military out on parade strode out for their king in perfect time, immaculately dressed and with such grace and dignity. In the sanctity of Westminster Abbey our King was on display for the nation as the weight of his calling and duty was exemplified by the heavy crown placed delicately on his head.

Amongst all the splendour there were moments of supreme vulnerability, moments too special for us to mindlessly consume via our televisions. The most poignant of these for many was the anointing of King Charles, as, stripped to his undershirt, he was anointed with oil specially blessed in Jerusalem.

This anointing sets the King apart to fulfil the role God has for him. The Holy Spirit received during the anointing empowers our King to lead our wonderful nation, and our Church. As we enter June and memories of the coronation start to fade, remember the words of Jesus, who came so that we could live life in all its fullness.  I was visiting someone very wise the other day, who says how fortunate they have been throughout their life, and how they live one day at a time. Their words carry such profound wisdom because they are living a full life, with its fair share of ups and downs, and always strive to find the joy in each new experience.  Our communities contain a wealth of such wisdom. The joy of events like the coronation is their ability to bring communities together. When different generations sit down and share food together, then we are living life in all its fullness.  As flowers bloom and our villages look beautiful as summer begins, I pray the days of June are full of special moments for you.

Revd. Chris

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