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July Message

Revd Chris

JUL. 01, 2023

We are here to serve you

The month of June is flying past with great speed. The wonderful community atmosphere of the Beer Festival in Kinnerley seems a long time ago. You’ll find a report on the beer festival elsewhere in this magazine.  I wish to add my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped before and after the day itself and came and supported the event in such numbers. Yes, the weather played a large part in making the event such a success- it was a beautiful day- but it was the congenial atmosphere and those from every generation gathering to enjoy themselves that made the event so perfect. The village was buzzing!  It was a delight to be part of that and the memories still make me smile.

Last month I talked about life in all its fullness being realised when different generations sit down and share food together. As Jesus reminds us, it is when food and drink is shared that we truly encounter God’s glory. The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, is when Christians break bread together and share wine in memory of what Jesus does for us by dying on the cross. Yet for people who don’t go to church, or don’t know the good news of Jesus- the words and symbols of this service can seem strange and alien. Our Family services and worship services offer an easier way in to church if you are exploring.

Some churches have been guilty of being aloof in the past. Expecting people to come to us in our buildings, rather than us meeting people where they are in their daily lives. Jesus didn’t wait for people to come to him, he met them where they gathered and spoke to them in plain language that meant something to them. Through events like plant sales, fetes, shrub planting, lunches and beer festivals, our local churches are getting better at doing this.

We are here to serve you- whether that be in day-to-day conversations, baptisms, weddings and funerals- both at the crematorium or in our church buildings- or being available so you can talk to someone about the things you don’t want to burden your friends and family with.  The churches in our villages are here for you. God bless you. Revd Chris

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