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January Message

JAN. 1, 2022

Taking our armour off

New Year greetings from your Rector,

Taking our armour off.

Sometimes it can feel as though life is constantly throwing stones at us. The stones of self-doubt, of fear, criticism from colleagues, from those we love. We seek approval, we desire to be liked, to be successful, to be a respected member of the communities where we work, where we live, where we spend our leisure time.

On top of the background noise of these mental health burdens the rock of the pandemic has been thrown, causing ripples in our lives and communities that are still being felt as we enter a new year.

Into all this trauma a baby was born, the birth of a one-of-a-kind baby the likes of which has never been seen again. The baby we celebrate every Christmas because Jesus could have been born into a suit of armour, into the protection of a royal palace, instead he was born vulnerable, poor, into the feeding trough of an oxen. God takes his armour off and shows us how to be fully human.

The story of David and Goliath is another famous Bible story about taking armour off. David is given Saul’s armour to fight the seemingly invincible Goliath. He tries the armour on, then takes it off, it is too heavy, it inhibits his natural gifts.

The armour we carry around in our daily lives inhibits us too. It weighs us down and, because we often hide behind it, it traps us, preventing us and our communities from flourishing as God intends us to flourish.

Church is a place in our lives where we can truly take our armour off.  Where fears and vulnerabilities are shared with God who knows what is in our hearts, who loves our imperfections, forgives us and restores us.

Happy New Year & God bless you all, Revd Chris.

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