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February Message

Revd. Chris

FEB. 1, 2023

Loving your neighbour

Loving your neighbour

It’s February once again and the season of love is upon us. For many of us this will mean Valentine cards and meals in local fine eateries. For others it may be bittersweet as past loves are remembered and we’re reminded of those we have lost.

The love of Valentine’s Day is only one celebration of the love we can and do show one another in our daily lives. Jesus commanded us to love God and love our neighbour- a task that is often easier to do for neighbours in foreign lands- donating money to disaster appeals rather than getting our hands dirty.

The recent flooding has shown how amazing our communities are, as neighbours help out one another, moving furniture, rescuing vehicles and operating flood boats. Community coming together in the face of adversity.

Our churches will once again offer little treats during this season as a tasty and tangible reminder of the love God has for all of us. Pick one up during February from your local shop with our compliments. God’s love fills all of our hearts and inspires us to do the things that change lives for the better, lets celebrate that love together this February.

Rev Chris

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