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February 2024

Revd. Chris

FEB. 1, 2024

A farewell from your Rector

A farewell from your Rector

At the church services on the morning of Sunday 14thJanuary 2024, my family and I announced that I have been appointed as Rector of the benefice of Fauls, Tilstock and Whitchurch, so we are moving to Whitchurch. My final service in the benefice will be a benefice service at Maesbrook, on Sunday 11th February at 10:30am. Please join us if you are able.

We’ve been in Kinnerley since June 2019. Remember that time, when Covid wasn’t even on the radar? Since then, we’ve had the privilege of celebrating with our communities through the church seasons; weddings and baptisms; Kiwoko lunches; cricket matches; fetes both wet and dry; the wonderful Melverley Plant Sale; and the Kinnerley Beer Festival which was just perfect- almost!

We’ve also said farewell to too many dear friends and community members, particularly recently, but it is a privilege of this role to be with people during both the ups and the downs of life.

It’s difficult to compliment you in a message like this, because the obvious retort is: “Why are you leaving then?” Which is a fair response. It has been a privilege to work in these five communities and with our local schools and nurseries as much as we have been able. We have encountered warmth and welcome and have tried to help you see the churches are for all the community, not just for those who attend on a Sunday morning.

So why am I leaving then? It’s quite simple really- because I feel God is calling me to Whitchurch. That call has been explored and discerned through selection and interview, and I am obedient to it. The readings on 14th Jan were so fitting, as they were God calling Samuel and Jesus showing Nathanael God knows our past, present and future, when Philip called Nathanael over to come and meet Jesus.

We don’t know what the future holds, but God does, and as I will continue to pray for you, I pray these five communities will continue to be blessed in the years to come.

Yours in Christ, Revd Chris

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