December Message

Revd. Chris

DEC. 1, 2021

Love came down at Christmas

Christmas greetings from your Rector,

Christmas is something that was easy to take for granted. The pandemic means that now we appreciate the trees and presents and the elaborate feasts we have at Christmas because we have learnt the true value of being able to gather together. The true value of community.

There is a poignancy to the moments when we gather. Those moments when we look around and are reminded of the people we have known and loved who are no longer with us. The pain of this loss is felt especially keenly at Christmas, and my heartfelt prayers go out to all those who have lost friends, colleagues and loved ones during the last year.

The joy we get from the commercial Christmas of giving, receiving, eating and drinking, so often abbreviated to Xmas, is a fleeting happiness. There’s a simple reason for this- taking the Christ out of Christmas means that Christmas no longer carries any lasting meaning. Celebrating the birth of Christ means celebrating a God who loves us so much that Jesus, God’s Son, came to live among us, to live with us, and to restore and redeem us in relationship with God. Jesus came not as a mighty Prince but as a carpenter’s son who spent his time with the outcasts of society. Jesus shows us God’s love is not reserved for those who society declares great, it is for those whom society rejects and despises too. Wherever we may find ourselves on that scale, Jesus loves us.

I’m delighted that you will once again find a more usual pattern of Christmas celebration services including our Crib services, and the special Midnight Services. Whether you have been to church 100 times or have never set foot through the door, you are warmly invited to join in the celebration this Christmas season.

God bless you all and Happy Christmas! Revd Chris