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April Message

APR. 01, 2023

The folly of the Cross

The folly of the Cross

April begins with April Fools Day, a time of laughter and practical jokes which can bring joy. This year the following day is Palm Sunday, as we member Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Holy Week begins and we journey towards Maundy Thursday, reliving the events of The Last Supper, washing feet and being reminded of a core Christian purpose- loving service.

Good Friday sees walks of witness and services at the cross. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the first disciples, they must have been like the cats that got the cream when Jesus entered Jerusalem, and when they celebrated the Last Supper with him. The warnings of his impending fate brushed aside and ignored. As Jesus was captured and taken away, then as he was humiliated and hung from the cross, the disciples must have thought it was the cruellest joke imaginable.

Jesus was dressed in the attire of a king, then mocked and ridiculed and derided by the so-called powerful people of his day. He challenged them then died on the cross- to all onlookers he failed. We can never underestimate or diminish the grief of Easter Saturday- the one day when Jesus was dead. The disciples’ grief must have been all consuming.

Of course Jesus’ death on the cross was not the end, and as we celebrate the gift of Easter we herald the new beginning. Thanks to what Jesus does for us death has been conquered, the joke is on the rich and powerful and all who think they can diminish the lives of other creatures. God has shown once and for all through the cross that an object representing torture, anguish and failure can become a symbol of faith, hope and perfect love. As you celebrate this Easter season, take a moment to give thanks for the people you love, and remember that God can turn everything into glory.

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