April Message

Revd. Chris

APR. 1, 2021

What does Easter mean for you?

Easter greeting from your Rector,

What does Easter mean for you?

As you think of Easter, images of spring may come into your mind, lambs bouncing around fields, warm sunshine, pretty flowers, chocolate eggs symbolising new life, new beginnings.

At Easter we tend to skip to the vaccine without enduring the pandemic, Easter Sunday without Good Friday. We want the feast without thinking too much about why we are eating so much chocolate. When we truly embrace the horrors of Good Friday, when we see the cross as the worst possible way that Jesus could have died*, then the true magnificence of God’s love for us begins to be revealed.

Good Friday is a brutal reminder that we all die. Yet Good Friday without Easter Sunday is as bleak as Easter Sunday without Good Friday. It’s like taking an individual Bible verse and quoting it totally out of context, the whole is so much better than the parts. Good Friday with Easter Sunday takes our fear of death and transforms it, freeing us from the perpetual anxiety about aging and mortality that grips society.

Easter Saturday is a time when we intentionally enter the grief of the first disciples. We are reminded that we do die, and we reflect on mortality and remember those we have known and loved- death is not nothing at all. Thinking more about death and discussing it with those we know, and love, frees us from its grip, and makes things so much easier for our loved ones when we die.

Easter Sunday spectacularly shows us that even the most shameful and demeaning death, Jesus’ death on the cross, is not the end. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection begins the new creation where death becomes eternal life.

This Easter message is a long one, because Easter isn’t a simple transaction, it’s a transformation. As human creatures we resist being transformed because we like to think we are autonomous. God knows we cannot save ourselves, no matter how capable we are or how hard we try. God loves us so much that Jesus was willing to endure the worst available punishment, saving us from ourselves, setting us free to live life in all its fullness. Horrific, gut-wrenching, shameful persecution and violence transformed by grace- that is Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter

Yours in Christ

Revd Chris

* So horrible it was nearly 400 years before artists could even contemplate painting the crucifixion.