April Message

APR. 1, 2022

Easter Blessings

Easter blessings

In this time when unspeakable horrors are taking place only two hours plane journey from us, it can be difficult for us to celebrate Easter, instead asking where is God in all this? The gospel accounts of the resurrection show us God is not instantly recognisable, even to those who had lived with Jesus, it is only when Jesus calls them by name that their eyes are opened and they recognise him.

God has called each of us to respond to the situation in Ukraine. Our first and foremost response as Christians is, and must continue to be, to pray. We pray when we feel most powerless, praying for the safety and protection of those displaced from their homes, giving thanks for the countries accepting those fleeing the violence, and praying for God to transform the hearts and minds of the Russian leadership, for a peaceful resolution to be found quickly.

Whilst we pray for the conflict to end, we give thanks for the amazing responses of our communities and church school providing warm clothing, toiletries and medical supplies and donating money to the DEC. The responses have been phenomenal.

One of the questions I’m often asked as we approach Easter is why did Jesus have to die? The answer is that only by completing life can Jesus truly demonstrate God’s love for every one of us. Jesus loves us so much that he endures the humility of human birth and the agony of death on the cross, rather than saving himself and returning to his Father. We forget that Jesus is both God and man, and that by staying on the cross his life and death become for us the perfect example of humanity’s relationship with God. In Christ’s footsteps we follow.

That is the true blessing of Easter- Jesus shows us God’s love is so powerful that nothing can separate us from it. It’s a love that forgives us and transforms us and opens the way for us into relationship with God.

Have a blessed Easter.

Revd Chris