August Message

Revd. Chris

AUG. 1, 2021

A perfect summer's day

Greetings from your Rector

In Disney’s Frozen Olaf sings a delightful song about summer. Waxing lyrical about the joys of a perfect summer’s day, the song is bittersweet as we recognise snow and summer do not mix- the reality does not match the fantasy world Olaf desperately wants to experience. Whilst it is easy for us to see the foolishness of a snowman seeking the summer sun, how difficult it is for us to see how like Olaf we are.

As our church buildings fully reopen following the removal of restrictions, will the reality of being able to sing match the fantasy? Will it be even better than we imagined to be able to worship without restriction- perhaps even without inhibition!?

Will we be celebrating an England victory in a major football championship? The first since 1966… The excellent Gareth Southgate has inspired this England team by constantly reminding them they are part of something bigger than football. Our desire to discover our purpose, how we fit in to a world so much bigger than us, is what leads many to faith, knowing that when the certainties of logic are undermined by the uncertainties of life, only following Jesus makes sense.

Life is full of uncertainties, the pandemic has showed us that perhaps more clearly than any other event in our lives. It’s reminded us of our mortality, our need to meet together, to celebrate together, to worship together. The highs and the lows of life are fleeting.  By holding on to the steadfast love of God, we can weather any storm- from the bleakest frozen winter to the hottest summer, from the ecstasy of victory to the bittersweet taste of defeat.

As the staff and pupils from our schools and colleges enjoy a well-earned summer break, my hope and prayer is that the easing of lockdown restrictions is not bittersweet, and that, unlike Olaf, we find ourselves exactly where we ought to be come September.

Have a beautiful summer.


Revd Chris