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August Message

Revd. Chris

AUG. 1, 2023

A season of special occasions

A season of special occasions

On 24thJune Revd Pippa was ordained priest in St Mary’s Church, Kinnerley. Around 150 invited guests squeezed into our lovely church building on a very warm summer evening, as Pippa and four colleagues were ordained during a lovely service led by Bishop Sarah of Shrewsbury. Our excellent village hall provided space for refreshment before and celebratory Prosecco afterwards. These exciting events mean that Pippa can now lead any service across the five churches in the benefice. I hope you’ll agree it’s a lovely photo of what is perhaps a once in a lifetime event at Kinnerley Church. Pippa’s ordination was rapidly followed by her first mass the following day- a special benefice service of Holy Communion held at St Peter’s Melverley. A wonderful occasion with a guest preacher and Prosecco afterwards.

As July arrived rapidly it brought with it heavy rain which sadly dampened the ground, but not people’s enthusiasm, at the Kinnerley Fete. At the time of writing I do not know the final amount raised, but I do know heartfelt thanks are due to all who helped before and during the day- to those who braved the elements to come and support, and to the unsung heroes who walked back and to across the field sheltering people under their umbrellas, and who climbed ladders to unblock overflowing gutters or who put up and took down marquees and subsequently helped to dry them out over the next few days. You are all brilliant and God bless you.

As I write this Melverley Fete is about to happen. The weather is wet once again so contingency plans have been put into place by its organisers. In the coming weeks there is a baptism for a special little man and August sees the start of wedding season in three of our five churches. Please pray for Pippa as she leads her first wedding ceremony, and for four lovely couples as they prepare to get married in August and September. Please also pray for pupils who transition from primary to secondary school during the summer, and for their teachers and support staff in our schools as they all have a well-deserved rest during the summer holidays.

God bless you all

Revd Chris

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